Brighton Marathon 2020

Want to do something amazing, breath taking (literally) and utterly brilliant?

Then run the Brighton Marathon for INTO Giving!

We now have three free* spaces for the 2019 Brighton Marathon INTO Giving Team!

Join the team, get your running shoes on, and do something incredible today!

The race weekend is 17-19 April 2020, so plenty of time to whip those office legs into shape!

Please get in contact and email, if you’re keen, semi-keen, or maybe just thinking about it… Be amazing and #DoSomethingNow.

Thank you, 

Team INTO Giving! <3 

*The fundraising target is £750 - As always, we will be on hand to help you organise your fundraising and get you to your target! It doesn’t have to be through sponsorship alone, you can organise your own mini (or huge) events to top you up!

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, take a moment (just 7 minutes) to watch this: 

It's kids like these are who you will be running for.