How to set up a JustGiving page

Here are some instructions of how to set up a JustGiving page for an iGive event.  

  1. Go to If you don’t already have a Just Giving account, you can sign up for one (takes about 20 seconds) 
  1. Click orange ‘Start Fundraising’ button at top of the screen 
  1. A new webpage opens; click ‘Start fundraising’ orange button in the center-left box 
  1. A new webpage opens. At the search box at top of the screen, type INTO Giving 
  1. A new webpage opens; select ‘personal challenge’ on the right side of the screen 
  1. A new webpage opens; follow instructions (for event type, title, date, etc)

At bottom of the screen click ‘Create your own page’ and…

Voila! You’ve created an iGive fundraising webpage

Next up, you can personalise your webpage: 

  • Click ‘personalize’ button at the top of the screen 
  • A new webpage opens, where you can complete: 
  • Why you’re doing it (optional)
  • ‘Tell your supporters your story’ (definitely do this)
    • TIP – there’s no need to write tons. Just write about the non-profit whom you’re supporting
    • TIP – it’s not necessary, but it sometimes helps to give examples of what donations will help do. For example:

$10 or £10 can provide

£20 or $20 could help

$50 or £50 can supply THIS

$100 or £100 can provide THAT 

  • TIP – it's helpful to say – perhaps at the bottom of whatever else you write – INTO Giving is UK registered charity No 1126262, or if you’re in the US, a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization

 Once you've written whatever you like, click 'Save my story' at the bottom of the screen

  • Adjust the fundraising target
    • TIP – select an achievable target, based on your fundraising event 
  • Select your country’s currency 
  • Change the photo (you will have been assigned a random photo for your event)

Once you’ve done all of that (note: you can go back and make changes later, any time you like), click 'Save and continue'. 

You’re then returned to your INTO Giving webpage, where there are options to share on Facebook, Twitter and email, as you like!