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INTO Giving is sponsoring the education of 15 schoolgirls with donations totalling £10,500 (US £13,500) throug…

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INTO Giving is sponsoring the education of 15 schoolgirls with donations totalling £10,500 (US £13,500) through partnering with Building Blocks in Bangalore, India.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing an additional £1,000 (US $1,300) in emergency relief.

All of the children helped come from a slum in Bangalore and are provided with a well-rounded education that brings them on par with middle and upper-class children. These are children who would otherwise not be able to go to school.

Before Building Blocks, children from slum neighbourhoods would have been unable to go to school. The time, effort and cost was something their families simply could not afford.

£3 or $3 a month will help support a girl's education. It will change her life.

It will change yours to.

Today, more than 820 children are in school through Building Blocks early years programme.

As well as essential academics, they also teach hygiene, character and social development, technology, physical education and more. These learning centres literally open up a new world for these children.

For the first time they are able to wash their hands in clean running water, they are taught how to use a toothbrush. Things that seem so simple to me and you: like using coloured crayons, are an unbelievable luxury for these children.

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