We're now supporting 12 new projects

Things are growing and things are evolving and all of it’s headline news. INTO Giving is supporting a dozen new projects, with £36,000 ($52,000 USD) in grants. But it doesn’t end there. There’s more. Watch this space. Because even more new projects are on the way in summer 2016.

12 New INTO Giving Projects

23 May 2016

In the developing world we’re donating £23,700 ($34,000 USD) to four education projects. In Malawi and Ghana, our projects have a special focus on girls’ education. In Bangladesh, we’re providing IT learning and improving literacy. In Bangkok, we’re helping impoverished children at the Slaughterhouse Preschool.

Hand in hand with those, INTO Giving has evolved. INTO is everywhere you look, we’re global. Thus beginning this year, we’re not only supporting education projects in the developing world, but domestic ones as well, in the US and UK. £12,300 ($18,000 USD) of grants are going to education projects local to (and sometimes literally around the corner from) INTO centres at OSU, SFU, UEA, University of Exeter, GCU, University of Gloucestershire, World Education Centre and City University London. 

And there’s more on the way. 

Please remember: INTO Giving is in truth all of us together – staff, students, agents, and associates alike. And when we pile in together, we get things done. Supporting charities together feels good, it builds a greater sense of teamwork, builds student experience, and looks great on a resume or CV. All of the new INTO projects were nominated by INTO staff, or staff from our partner universities.

Over the coming months we’ll share more with everyone on each of our twelve new projects. Pictures, stories, updates, how your support is helping, how to lend your support when you see a project that inspires you… the works. Please visit the INTO Giving website for more information on our new projects

If you would like to show your support today for INTO’s new projects, please visit Just Giving. Or get in touch with Isabel.knight@into-giving.com or chris.walker@into-giving.com 

Every penny raised for or donated to INTO Giving will be matched by INTO Giving’s Chairman, penny for penny, pound for pound, dollar for dollar.