Girl Shine Academy is now open

We're pleased to announce that the Girl Shine School in Malawi is now built and open for students 

Girls Shine Academy Opens

05 Oct 2016

In Western Malawi there is the Mkanda village where if you are a girl there previously was no opportunity to continue education for the simple reason that there was no school for them to attend. INTO Giving together with other project partners have helped to fund the costs of building a brand new school, these costs covered land excavation, building materials and education resources to keep the school running. On Septmeber 5th the school opened it's doors and today there is 120 students all girls aged between 14-18 already enrolled, we look forward to seeing what benefits education brings to these students and their surrounding communities as they continue their education beyond Primary years. 


"To Educate Girls is to reduce Poverty"- UN Secretary general 

Watch our video below for more information, or visit our project page here or if you have any further questions contact us directly via facebook or email.