Keeping the Kampasa School open

The Kampasa school in Zambia was struggling due to the energy crisis, so INTO Giving helped out....

Keeping the Kampasa School Open

17 Oct 2016

 Zambia has experienced daily power-cuts since July 2015 due to its dependence on hydro power and the poor rainy season of 2014-15, leaving insufficient water in dams for the normal electricity supply. However this situation has been worsened through the selling off of the mines from 2008-11 and the Government’s incapacity to build more Hydro Dams.



This caused problems for the Kampasa school, one of the projects all of us have been supporting. There were unable to open their E Learning Centre without power to run the computers. It also had a negative impact on their income, as they charge a small fee to people wishing to print or make copies. As a temporary INTO Giving donated £1000 to buy some solar batteries which can power the centre for up to 7 hours without mains power.

 The school has reported that the impacts of the power system was felt by everyone immediately – both the pupil and adult IT classes resumed running regularly and customers were no longer turned away from printing of photocopying. The school was able to make a renewed effort with its marketing campaign and all of this coincided with preparations for school exams, which meant Kampasa and four other nearby schools were able to print and copy their exam papers at the centre. As a result of these batteries, the monthly income has increased by around K798 (£69.00).

The Kampasa School is now open as usual and able to continue running their courses for both its students and the community!

This year, the E-Learning and Community Development has impacted the lives of over 200 pupils, 8 of us teachers and over 1,000 community members! We are so proud of our school, and people can hardly believe that we have such facilities at our humble school!” – Sidney, Grade 7 teacher at Kampasa. 

The Kampasa school can now resume their teaching thanks to the generosity of donors that helped raise money for solar powered batteries!