The School Bus Project's 1st Birthday

Last week we celebrated The School Bus Project’s 1st birthday. They have achieved so much in just a year; they have been able to renovate the double decker bus, transforming it into a mobile school now equipped with solar energy, learning spaces and educational resources.

The School Bus Project's 1st Birthday

22 Nov 2016


They arrived in Calais in September and started teaching straight almost immediately with refugees of all ages attending. Lessons on the bus are modular - Every lesson must be complete in itself, but be cumulative so that knowledge can be added at any subsequent lesson. This is necessary in an environment where it is not possible to continue the rest of a lesson on a different day because you just don’t know where people will be.

These lessons focus around 3 main categories; Eat, Make, Play and aim to prepare people for life in a different country.
The School Bus Project have been conducting Teacher training to ensure that every teacher who goes out there is prepared in themselves for the environment they’ll be teaching in and to also ensure they are able to provide quality education to those they teach.

Sadly the Calais Camp has closed, The School Bus Project were there up until the very end. They have returned to Brighton to do some planning on how to proceed from here. Last week, Naomi, Gemma, Inma, Chris and Hannah all attended their 1 year Birthday party to celebrate what they have achieved in such a short time and to learn more about what will be doing going forward. There was a presentation and short speeches, lots of discussions and some photos up on the walls and Naomi and Hannah were interviewed about INTO Giving’s relationship with the project.

Despite the closure of the Calais camp this won’t be the end for The School Bus Project, watch this space for information on what they’re doing next…..

The School Bus Project event was a warm and celebratory occasion to mark the fantastic work that the project has been able to achieve in the last year. Inspiring and uplifting, the talks and performers really made the evening feel personal and meaningful, and the passion from the organisers was both evident and moving. Seeing the project and its makers first hand made me feel more involved and excited for the future of this endeavour! - Gemma Hewett - Brighton Office