26 miles and a lot of money raised for charity!

Hind and Judy give us their experience of the event and the training leading up to it...

Brighton Marathon 2017

12 Apr 2017

This year we had 6 brave heroes run the Brighton Marathon to raise money for INTO Giving projects. 

Hind, an Admissions Advisor working in the UKCA department writes about her experience in training and running the staggering 26 miles! And Judy a student from St Georges describes what motivated her to join the marathon and how supported she felt during the course of the event. 

“When I signed up to run the Marathon for INTO Giving, I had absolutely no running history whatsoever. My workout routine consisted in walking to my favourite pizza place rather than getting it delivered. And that was the point: giving myself an exciting challenge, starting from scratch, making a change.

I quickly figured out that I had to stick to a strict training plan if I wanted to reach my goal. Considering I started in December, I would never have had the willpower to choose running in minus five degrees over snuggling in with mince pies and Disney movies without the help of a thorough training plan and professional advice. These were available for free on the Brighton Marathon website for all levels. I was also lucky enough to train with my partner, who joined the Marathon general entry.

What I loved the most about my experience is that it was never just about running. Mostly everything in my day to day life had to change to help me keep up. I cut down on the fun stuff (caffeine, alcohol and so on) and doubled the carbs, protein and sleeping time. A month in my training, I was feeling amazing. Training for the Marathon is extremely time-consuming and can sometimes feel incompatible with an office job, but in hindsight, it’s worth every second of it.


After two 18-mile runs in March, I started to taper in the two weeks following the Marathon and my whole body was extremely grateful for that. We tend to forget about this, but the rest days are absolutely essential!

The day itself was INSANE. Over ten thousand people gathered in Preston Park and the sun was very bright already at 9am. Being part of this huge event got me shaking from top to toe with excitement, and my hard work through the winter paid as I finished the race with no injury and in 4h30, which was my PB during the training.

One thing I can take from this experience is anyone can do anything as long as you put your mind and heart into it. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and for everything it brought me. Thank you INTO Giving!”


INTO St George’s Foundation student Judy was the youngest of the INTO Giving runners. Originally from Taiwan, she was inspired to take part in the marathon because her father is a keen runner and she wanted to challenge herself during an already busy year.


“I am grateful of being able to do the marathon whilst doing my foundation. This is my first time studying abroad and also my first time doing a marathon. Although my family wasn’t here with me, some of my friends went down to support me, and others have kept encouraging me for months. This experience was inspiring, now I know that I can do it if I decide to go on, but I should not take all the credits. The fact that I am able to accomplish something like this is also because my family back home have supported me, and my friends here have given me the courage.”


Thank you to every runner involved! 

Much Love INTO Giving