Left at Tovarnik Film Premiere

Pippa Marshall, from UKCA gives her take on the Film Premiere of Left at Tovarnik 

Left at Tovarnik Film Premiere

03 Aug 2017

In August 3rd INTO Giving was asked to throw an evening premiere for the documentary short Left at Tovarnik, a film by Jasmine H Wilkes. Shot over three days as Hungary hit the headlines at the height of the refugee crisis in September 2015, the film aims to give a human and personal insight into the experiences faced by families and their struggles for a better future.  After being turned away from the Hungarian camps, the refugees were forced to board coaches back to Croatia where they awaited help, information, and hope for a place to go from Tovarnik station. This intimate and moving film tells the stories of real people during a fragment of their journey.



50% of the proceeds from this evening were donated to the Jusoor School for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon. It will help to fund a psychiatric counsellor for the school who will be on hand to help both the students and the teachers. 

A short catch up film with one of the refugees Ahmed who features in Left at Tovarnik was shown after the main documentary. He discusses how he is now living in Germany and studying to be a doctor, a happy ending for him, which sadly can't be said for everyone in the film. 

After the film talks were given and a Q&A was held which included the film makers, Chris our Director and also Elaine from the Hummingbird Project

One question asked was "What hope can we take from this?" to which another audience member shouted out that "this is the hope". Here are 3 different entities working together to try and do something to help the refugee crisis.

The film has no happy ending as this would be misleading. Instead, it aims to show that the crisis isn't over, it is continuing and still needs addressing. 

The evening raised a fantastic £515 which will be matched.

We hope to do a repeat of this evening soon in London, so if you missed it the first time around you still have time to view it.

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