INTO Staff show their support for refugees.


2018 saw the 20th Anniversary of Refugee Week, and the launch of 20 Simple Acts...

27 Jun 2018

The 20 Simple Acts campaign asks people from around the world to take part in educational and cultural events that helps create welcoming, diverse but inclusive communities that embrace refugees and displaced people. The number of people displaced by conflict – refugees, asylum seekers, or those displaced internally – is at an estimated 68.5 million in 2018. The number continues to rise dramatically.

Naomi and Isabel, INTO Giving team members, and members of staff from INTO University Partnerships spent the week organising and taking part in the 20 simple  acts campaign, not only increasing awareness of the cause but raising funds for the INTO Giving projects that specifically support refugees – Jusoor School, Project Hope 4 Kids

During the week they pledged to do at least one simple act every day; This included attending talks, showing films and reading poems about refugee experiences and the different cultures they come from.

They also put together and screened a photo exhibition of sleeping refugee children, on the same day they wore pyjamas to work to raise awareness of refugees not having this comfort and freedom of choice as to where they lay their heads.

Lucy Hawes Stearman, Admissions Advisor, INTO, collected messages of hope on postcards from staff in the INTO HQ Office, Brighton. Messages collected were heartfelt and emotional, showing how much people care and want to welcome new people to the city and the UK as a whole. The postcards will be sent to a local Refugee project.


Gemma Hewett, Admissions Advisor, INTO University Partnerships, collected tea, coffee and biscuits from staff members for local organisation, Calais Action, to take to refugees in camps in Calais – The gift of these simple commodities again highlights how simple acts can make a huge difference to those in need.

“Refugee Week something I didn’t know much about. Like most people I have been incredibly moved by news about the terrible situations refugees are forced into every day. This was a simple but important and effective stepping stone into getting involved with the worldwide effort to improve the lives of refugees.” Gemma Hewett, Admissions Advisor, INTO University Partnerships.

 The week saw many other staff members getting involved, and showing willingness to learn about this global crisis. Although an incredibly hard topic to focus on, the INTO Giving team were lifted by the positive comments and determination to make a change shown by staff members at INTO.

“I found this week of events a highly rewarding one to engage with. I laughed and cried. I listened to people’s stories and I learnt about other cultures. I enjoyed asking and answering questions about the campaign and talking to others about it. Some may find the topic too hard hitting to embrace or too distant to relate to causing a feeling a helplessness; but after spending the week actively trying to get involved I found that even tiny simple acts can have a big impact towards helping a situation. This is not a refugee crisis, it is a human crisis” Noami Cromby, Communications and Fundraising Officer, INTO Giving.



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