Val and Nora go volunteering

Nora tells us about her day volunteering with the National Citizen Service 

Volunteering with NCS

03 Aug 2018

Listening to young people be aware of world issues and have the desire to change them is so inspiring.


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of volunteering with the National Citizen Service as a listener, adviser, and most importantly, a dragon. Over a couple of hours, we listened to groups of young people present ideas that they were working on to build communities. Just like the show Dragon’s Den, we had to ask the presenters questions and to try and understand how they were going to go about making their ideas come into practice.


From planting gardens in hospitals for stroke patients to spreading mental health awareness through art, the groups took it in turns to tell us their motivations, plans and inspirations for volunteering for their chosen charity.


We listened to the groups illustrate what they wanted to do for their project and how they planned to delegate their tasks amongst their group. At the end of their presentations, we were then asked to give feedback and to award each group with funding to work towards their project. Each group was awarded £30 or £50 and were incredibly happy with the work that they had done so far.


It was a very rewarding couple of hours, reminding me how valuable volunteering is.