Bees Abroad has hit some milestones

And have written to us to say thank you for our support in making this happen

An update from Bees Abroad

21 Jan 2019

Bees Abroad have sent a huge thank you for the continuation funding for year 2 of the School Beekeeping Project


"I know every penny is raised by INTO Giving staff and well earned. The school and trainees were excited, delighted and thankful when I gave them the news"


And they are delighted to report the project hit its milestones and achieved planned outcomes at the end of Dec/Year 1. The trainers, trainees and community representatives stayed the distance during the classroom sessions in year 1 to learn about bee cycles, pollination, bee castes, management techniques etc.

Attendance over all sessions was an impressive 85% and they also made 6 visits to an associated apiary to introduce the students to beekeeping practice (lighting smokers in the field, looking at and handling combs, identification practice etc). The trainers and trainees made their own bee suits, built 50 top bar hives, located and baited the hives within the school apiary and personal hives at trainee homes and inaugurated a school beekeeping club.

6 hives are already colonised and the trainees are all looking forward to practice in the apiaries in year 2