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At INTO, all employees are given two days paid volunteering leave every year.

There are superheroes in your midst!

12 Aug 2019

At INTO, all employees are given two days paid volunteering leave every year. Yes, that’s right, TWO PAID DAYS to go and do what you love, whilst helping your community. What could be better?!

INTO staff have been busy, using this amazing initiative to help causes they care about, so we’ve been hearing from some Superwomen of INTO, who have been busy lending a hand all over the country!

Bertha Banda from INTO Stirling, used her volunteer days to challenge herself and run the Edinburgh Marathon last May! She chose to support Hope for Children, and by doing so has helped ensure every child has the happy, healthy and positive childhood they deserve.

Bertha you’re a star and we hope your knee’s have recovered!

 Vanessa Girling at INTO UEA has also been running – blood running! I think I’ll let her explain this one….

“The volunteers are referred to as ‘Blood Bikers’ or ‘Blood Runners’ because our leading role is to collect urgently required blood/blood products such as platelets/plasma from the blood banks and deliver them to the hospitals.  

We also routinely transport tissue or blood samples that require urgent analysis to specialist diagnosis facilities.  

We can also be asked to carry vaccines, instruments, medical notes, and in fact, we’ll try to help with any urgently required medical requirement that directly benefits patients.  

Another service is the collection and delivery of donated human breast milk, used to help sick and premature babies. We collect from mums, deliver to the milk bank for processing and then deliver from the milk bank to the hospitals.  Norfolk Blood Bikes have been instrumental in the set-up of Norfolk’s first breastmilk donor hub due to be operational soon.

The hospitals pay us nothing and we get no government financial assistance of any kind. Every penny needed to purchase and keep our vehicles on the road and operate our service is raised through public donations and sponsorship.

Because we have minimal administration costs (under 5%) and are all volunteers, we can provide the service for far less than the hospitals would have otherwise paid couriers etc. so we deliver outstanding value for money for our customers.”

 Sarah Fryett – Chapman from Stirling has taken her turn at the European Championships in Glasgow. The European Championships is a multi-sport event which brings together the existing European Championships of some of the continent's leading sports every four years. Sarah’s main role was to support the Venue Technology team to ensure that all the tech was operational for the George Square area, which included liaising with broadcasters from other countries, and for the Merchant City Festival. 

 So, as you can tell, we’ve got some pretty passionate employees here at INTO.

 There are so many interesting and incredible ways to use your volunteering days, so what are you waiting for?

 Visit for volunteering inspiration and to find out more about what your colleagues have been up to!

 Keep going. Be passionate. Make Change



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