Girls' Education

INTO Giving is supporting girls’ education in 8 countries in strategic partnership with the education non-profit Room to Read

How can you help?

INTO Giving believes in standing up for gender equality.

In many parts of the world, girls face discrimination and are at very real and even daily risk of being forced or coerced out of education – most particularly when they reach puberty and are told it’s time to marry or go to work (or both).

We’re helping girls to stay in school and get more out of it, rather than vanishing into child marriage and child labour.

To achieve this, INTO Giving is donating £60,000 ($75,000 US) to support girls at projects in Room to Read projects in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Vietnam.


Schoolgirls aged 11- 17-years-old are engaged through four key program areas:

Life-skills: Life-skills are competencies such as self-efficiency and empathy, and lessons in health and hygiene, overcoming and dealing with gender bias, making time to study and goal-setting. 

Mentoring: Strong, educated local women serve as role models, advisors, and advocates to schoolgirls, providing them with emotional support and guidance.

Material Support: We're providing needs-based material support for school costs such as tuition fees, uniforms, and exam preparation services so parents don't have to make the choice between putting food on the table and investing in education. 

Community Engagement: Creating environments that support girls' success in school and beyond, through community meetings where parents and caretakers can discuss the importance of sending all their children to school, and the challenges they are facing.



INTO University Partnerships helps students from around the world achieve their dream of studying overseas at university.

As part of INTO’s aim to provide a unique student experience and develop students’ employability, we are delighted to offer the INTO Student Internship program. US and UK INTO students may now, through INTO Giving, apply to serve internships at Room to Read offices in New York, London and San Francisco.

INTO Student Internships and how to apply