UK Donating FAQs

Is INTO Giving a registered charity?

Yes. INTO Giving UK charity no 1126262

If I want to make a monthly donation to INTO Giving, what’s the difference between doing it through the website and doing it through payroll giving?

Payroll giving is absolutely the best option: all payroll giving donations come out before taxes, thus you pay less.

For example, if you give £5 a month through payroll giving, only £4 comes out of your paycheque. If you donate £10 a month, only £8 comes out of your paycheque. And so on.

Just complete a payroll giving form and return it to your HR team, or contact

How much of my donations to INTO Giving go to philanthropic causes?

Every penny. Because INTO University Partnerships pays the operational costs of INTO Giving, anything you donate to INTO Giving goes toward non-profit educational causes nominated by your INTO colleagues.

Who does my donation help?

INTO Giving – that includes you – sticks up for girls in danger of being forced or coerced out of school because they’re girls, for refugee schoolchildren who’ve fled war, and for girls and boys alike who are at risk of losing their education because their families are poor.

Visit INTO Giving’s project webpage to see the full rundown of everywhere we – that ‘we’ of course includes you – are making a difference today.

What if I only give one-off or monthly donations of £5 or £10, what difference does that make?

The difference is huge. And the difference is collective (it’s not just you: we’re in this together). Collectively, donations of £5 or £10 add up to hundreds. Over the course of a year, they total thousands. And that sort of money goes a country mile.

Who do INTO Giving bank with?

Your donations go directly to INTO Giving’s CAF Bank account. From there, they’re distributed to INTO Giving’s family of educational non-profits worldwide, or to iGive projects of your own choosing.

Once I make a donation, is there anything more I should do?

Yes: feel good about yourself. You’ve done something good and deserve to feel good for what you’ve done.  Aside from that, why not drop INTO Giving a line and let us know all about it.